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Selected Readings & Publications:

Readings, etc.:

Visiting Writer Reading: Nathan McClain @ Vermont Studio Center, Feb. 15, 2023

Martha Collins, Aaron Caycedo Kimura, & Nathan McClain @ Hudson Valley Writers Center, Oct. 19, 2022

Ananda Lima's Motherland launch reading, with Ariel Francisco, Alison C. Rollins, and Nathan McClain | Green Apple Books


Poem I wish I Had Read -- On Matthew Olzmann's "Mountain Dew Commercial Disguised as a Love Poem"

Virtual Writer to Writer: Nathan McClain & Tommye Blount, February 2021

Poetry is Bread, a distance reading series

"A Winter's Trail": A Poetry Reading -- Peter Cole and Terry Winters

Introduction and Conversation w/ John Murillo for the Boutelle-Day Poetry Center at Smith College


"Myth of the Bear." Poetry Daily. January 11, 2023.

"Where the View Was Clearer." The Common, August Poetry Feature (August 2022).

"This Beautiful, Needful Thing: On the Poetics of Home in the African American Diaspora." Guesthouse, Issue 8, Fall 2021.

Multiple Choice.”  Poetry Northwest.  February 22, 2021. ​

"What You Call It."  Zocalo Public Square, June 19, 2020.

"There's No Place Like Home."  The Critical Flame, Issue 63. (June 2020)

"on Fantasia for the Man in Blue, poems by Tommye Blount."  On the Seawall, April 9, 2020.

The Ferry," and "Labor Day: Brighton Beach."  The Common, Issue 18 (October 2019)

"The sentence."  Poem-a-Day, October 23, 2019.

"The flowers" and "At the Park, a Boy's Birthday Party." The Common, August 2019 Poetry Feature.

Four poems ("They said I was an alternate"), Woven Tale Press, Vol. VII, #7 (pgs. 33-36 / Sept. 2019)

"They said I was an alternate," and "Love Poem." The Baffler, no. 46 (July 2019)

"Mafia Myth" and "Midlife Aubade." On the Seawall (June 25, 2019)

"They said I was alternate, [so I thought like an alternate." Foundry (Issue 12 / June 2019)

Three poems from "They said I was an alternate" and "Considering Sergeant Al Powell Now 30 Years Later." West Branch Wired (June 2019)

"Bear" and "Excerpts from the Compendium of the Fig Wasp and the Fig." Matter 25 (March 2019) 

"Love Elegy with Busboy." New York Times Magazine (July 17, 2018)

"Aubade Ending with a Pacemaker" and "Boy Pulling a Thorn from his Foot." The Rumpus (April 23, 2018)

"Against Melancholy," "Through My Kitchen Window," and "'Je Vous Attends by Yves Tanguy.'" Tinderbox Poetry Journal (Issue 4.3/June 2017)

"Aubade with a Multitude of Birds." Verse Daily (June 19, 2017)

"The Book of Acts," "Based on a True Story," "Scale," and "Fire Destroys Beloved Chicago Bakery (reprinted)." Callaloo (Vol. 39, No. 2, Spring 2016)

"Love Don't Live Here Anymore" and "On the City Bus," District Lit (May 2016)

"How to Build a Lighthouse" and "Power Outage Elegy," Waxwing (February 2016)


"Ode to the Moth," The Volta (November 2015)


"On Taking Alba Back to the Pound," "Odysseus, Delayed," "The Sculpture," and "Cow," Connotation Press: An Online Artifact (March 2015)


"Love Elegy in the Chinese Garden, with Koi," The Collagist (January 2014)


"In the Gardening Section of Home Depot," Linebreak (February 14, 2012)


"Love Elegy, outside Eden" (as "On My First Son")The Journal (Spring 2012) 



Finding One's Way Through Bewilderment: An Interview with Virginia Konchan (Jan. 16, 2023)

Poet of the Week: Brooklyn Poets (March 16 - 22)

Conversation with Nathan McClain: Mentor & Muse (Sept. 2019)

Interview with Sara London, Woven Tale Press Poetry Editor (Sept. 9, 2019)

Artist's Interview | Ode Art's Night Out

"Even After the Boy's Palms Were Empty": An Interview with Nathan McClain

An Interview with Poet Nathan McClain: By Chantal Aida Gordon

Encountering the Self: An Interview with Nathan McClain with L. I. Henley

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